How do I downsize all textures for mobile version?

I have a game that uses assets designed to work at 4k and it looks awesome. Made a copy of the project and converted the copy to Android. Compiled and installed on tablet, but it crashes. Doesn’t tell me anything, just fails during the loading. Since there’s no logging or any way to tell what’s crashing it, I’m going to assume it’s just too much graphics for the memory.

Now I know I can select a texture, and reimport it, using a lower max resolution (some of these are 2048), but how can I do that across the board for all of the textures in the game. Searching for “t:texture” gets them all, but I can’t select all and reimport, and all of them aren’t at the same type or textures resolution.

I am trying to avoid having to write an editor add-on that will reimport each texture asset at 1/2 to 1/4 it’s current resolution, if someone can give me any suggestions?

There is logging and there are ways to tell what’s crashing. Log your game on your tablet using logcat.

As for your other question, go to your texture’s import settings, go to the Android tab, toggle Override for Android, and change the maximum texture size. 72746-screen-shot-2016-06-23-at-075438.png

Instead of re-importing the textures you can try to lower the graphics quality for android. Go to Edit->Project Settings->Quality and change the Texture Quality for all Quality Levels from Full Res to Half, Quarter or Eighth Res.

Use the memory profiler and check your memory allocation maybe it is crashing because of high memory allocation.