How do I edit a second scene when my objects are still in the first?

I have my game set up so that objects like the Canvas and the main character are set to DontDestroyOnLoad; they’re only initiated in the first scene. However, this means that when I load my second scene in the editor, those objects aren’t there yet.

I could copy and paste them over, but then the objects in the second scene will be duplicates of the ones in the first.

This is a problem because I can’t, for instance, create a public variable on the character controller and attach an object from the second scene to it. The character doesn’t exist in scene 2 yet and the object doesn’t exist in scene 1.

If you dont make them prefabs then you would only be able to edit them from the scene you have them in it is not possible to edit them from a scene they do not exist in unless they were prefabs you could then edit the prefab while in another scene and that would edit it from any scene it was in or would go to.