How do I Edit an Animation in the Animation Bar?

Ok, so i think i have made a slight error in one of my animations causing me to believe something else might be wrong in my code. The problem is that i cannot go back and edit my old animations. They appear in the assets folder and the play almost perfectly up until the mistake i made. When i choose an animation to view/edit in the animations tab all that comes up is the last animation i made and i would like to edit the ones before that. NO matter how hard i try and double click on them, right click and then hit open, and try to drag them into the editor. Nothing i do seems to work!

This is a big problem for me and i would really like some feedback or help if anyone know what could possibly be in the way of letting me edit my animations

Here are 2 pictures of what i am talking about. (Idle is the animation i would like to edit)

I think that this happen because the animations are about two different gameobjects, try to look in the other gameobject and you should find the other animation…

Duplicate the animation and then you can edit the duplicated animation. Then use that new animation. You cannot edit the original animation.