how do I edit enemy stats

So I am new to unity, I searched the Forums and haven’t found an answer to my question. Basically, I want to have different sized monsters with different healths, attack, etc. The closest thing I could find applies to all of a type of monster, not each monster individually. Do I have to write a different script for each one, or is there something else I can do?

Thanks for the advice, however, the monster I am used is a prefab, from the Skeleton asset pack. I don’t understand how to properly edit these monsters.

This ?

Just create a prefab for each monster, and set the variables you want to set yourself to public variables

in javascript its

public var variable: variableType;

in c# its

public variableType variable;

once you set them to public, when you click on the object in your scene, you can edit the variables in the Inspector

depending on how random you want the monster sizes to be, if you want a hand full of different sized monsters you could make an array would hold your different sized monsters as prefabs and load them in randomly. For this have a look at and

With the different health you could make a int that would generate a random number (health) when called on.

int health =  (random.range(50,100));

maybe something like this I have not tested it but hopefully you can get an idea.