How do I edit javascript?

When I create a javascript, I can see the javascript in the project and the inspector, but how do I edit it? Should there be a “edit” button in the inspector? Maybe it is the “open” button, however when I press the “open” button nothing happens.

Also nothing happens when i double click, only thing is for one second that loading thing next to my cursor appears, it only lasts like 1 second and it dissapears.

Just double click the script to open it and make changes (once the unitron editor or other document editing program is opend). Don't forget to save your work as often as possible...

If you can’t open it from Unity , open it from the project folder with Notepad or better … Notepad++

Yes there should be an Edit button in the inspector. If double-clicking isn’t launching MonoDev, you might want to try reinstalling. Make sure MonoDev will run by itself if you start it ‘manually’. Or you may have another editor configured in your prefs, or none at all, check that (Edit/Preferences)