How do I enable my scripts on default??


I´ve been having a problem with scripts since I begin an internet course.
Does anyone knows why does it appear in gray?
In the video that my teacher uploads it shows normal (not gray).

Thank you all.

Since Unity 5.3 the script field is disabled by default, however if you click the down arrow next to the padlock icon at the top of the inspector and select ‘debug’ from the drop down menu it will enable the script field as it used to be. (It will also allow you to see private variables etc.)

This was done to stop people from inadvertently changing scripts I believe.

It’s because you don’t have either Start or Update function in the script.
Just do like this:

void Start () {


And leave that function empty in case you don’t want to use it.

That’s just how it looks in Unity 5.3+.