How do I enable my Unity weplayer game on facebook to be playable when a facebook user has secure browsing enabled?

My users are experiencing problems in accessing my Unity webplayer game on a facebook URL when they have secure browsing enabled. Also, my game’s facebook canvas gets the build from my webserver that has a SSL certificate.

Also, how do I use SSL to secure a website that is also serving the UNITY webplayer to facebook?

Thanks, Bundooya

In the settings for your app at the facebook developer portal make sure you set “Secure Canvas URL:” in your app settings. The URL should start with https instead of http.

If your web server is set up properly that will be all you need. BTW the address must end in a forward slash or “?” so make sure the app’s page is the default one for the folder it’s in.

Little development tip is you can use Dropbox as a test site for development. Just add a “?” to the end of the Dropbox link with https instead of http at the beginning.