How do I enable the Facebook Like button in iOS 6 GameCenter?

I upgraded to iOS 6 and now when I check the Game Center leaderboard from my game, there is the empty outline of a Like button right next to the Tap To Rate This Game stars, which says “Facebook Liking Unavailable.”

So of course if Facebook liking could be available then I want it to be. No help from Apple there- I already searched on the iOS Developer site, and their site search is useless.

Had the same issue - but solved it. In order for it to work - you must sign into facebook on your iOS 6 device. Settings/Facebook then sign in. It will work after that. Hope that helps!


You need to activate facebook account on your device. Follow these steps: Game center facebook like unavailable

Does it really take you to some Facebook page or does the like button in game center just
create a “like” post on your own Facebook page… which would explain why the like button
in game center only displays when you are logged in your own Facebook-account