How do I exclude the summary tag from my Visual Studio scripts?

I’m new scripting in Unity and have been using Mono-Develop so far. I gave VSCode a shot today and setup the Unity snippets and it’s a big improvement over MD. However, I noticed a lot of comments get inserted in the code, specifically summary tags.

For example, when I autocomplete LateUpdate, the extension inserts:

/// <summary>
/// LateUpdate is called every frame, if the Behaviour is enabled.
/// It is called after all Update functions have been called.
/// </summary>

How do I turn these comment insertions off?


just in case any one else comes across this post hes an answer i found to help hide comments but not get rid of them, which you shouldn’t do any way because comments are useful but messy.

below is a link to a package that a developer created to hide different comments