How do I export blender tree model into Unity3D?

How do I export a model of a tree I have made in blender into unity 3d, along with textures and uv maps? Are there specific folders I need to put things in? I have exported models into unity, but not trees. I have tried to export trees in, by putting the uv maps (textured) into the Ambient Occlusion folder, but the tree appears grey in the engine, and is sideways.

Trees are still models, so you’d import them with your UV Maps and textures as per normal. Make sure you’re using the right shaders too.

Thanks for the reply, I basically have got the .blend fie, and 2 uv maps (saved outside of blender, not applied in blender). Please could you fully explain what I need to do in order to get trees in the engine that I can paint with the terrain tool?