How do I export Build settings with a Unity package?

I have a simple game with three scenes. Movement through the scenes is via Application.LoadLevel(…). I have all three scenes added to my build settings.
I want to create a package so that others can open my game and see how it works (for a tutorial). However when I export the entire game as a package and then import it into a new Project it doesn’t work because none of the scenes are in the Build Settings (in the new project). Rather than explaining to someone who uses my package how they need to set it up, is there any way to actually export the Build Settings as part of the package so that explanation is not require, ie so they can use it ‘as is’?

The build settings and the other settings are not brought over. You could enable meta data like its being used in some source control, delete the ~/library and ~/temp folders and zip/archive up the entire thing.

This will keep your Project setting intact, light on size and it includes the build settings.

The export of a unitypackage does not include this and only things deemed as assets.

Please understand some linkage of assets in a project will need this meta data values on the files.