How do I find a local variables index in a foreach loop?

Hey all. I’m trying to set up a script that instantiates multiple objects of the same type in different stored positions with different stored rotations. I feel like I’m really close, but I’m having trouble with this one issue. I find all the objects of class Barrel in the scene, then store that in an array. I then go through a foreach loop, adding every position of that barrel to a list of barrelPositions. After that, I set up another foreach loop function, this time instantiating a barrelPrefab at every barrelPosition on the list, but since different barrels have unique positions, I’m trying to find the index of the local variable barrel and then use that index in the barrelPositions list for use in Instantiation.

Any help? Here’s the relevant snippets of my code.

 Barrel[] barrels;
    Target[] targets;
    Vector3 barrelStartPos;
    Vector3 targetStartPos;
    Quaternion barrelStartRotation;
    Quaternion targetStartRotation;

    List<Vector3> barrelPositions = new List<Vector3>();
    List<Quaternion> barrelRotations = new List<Quaternion>();
    List<Vector3> targetPositions = new List<Vector3>();
    List<Quaternion> targetRotations = new List<Quaternion>();

void Start {
//find all barrels, then save their positions to the barrelPositions list
        barrels = FindObjectsOfType<Barrel>();
        foreach (Barrel barrel in barrels)
            barrelStartPos = barrel.transform.position;
        //find all barrels, then save their rotations in the same order as barrelPositions
        foreach (Barrel barrel in barrels)
            barrelStartRotation = barrel.transform.rotation;


public void RespawnObjects()
        //instantiate every barrel with the same rotation and positions as those with the same index in their respective lists
        foreach (Barrel barrel in barrels)
            //int barrelIndex = barrels.index //here's the annoying part
            Instantiate(barrelPrefab, barrelPositions.barrelIndex, barrelRotations.barrelIndex);

If you need to keep track of an index the easiest way is to just make an int and add 1 each time you loop in the function. Like this:

//Create a Variable
int i=0; 
//Loop through barrels
foreach (Barrel barrel in barrels)
             Instantiate(barrelPrefab, barrelPositions_, barrelRotations*);*_

//Add 1 to index
Also it looks like you are never calling the spawn barrels function so that code will never actually run.
Side note: You don’t need two for each loops in your Start function. just move the rotation code right below the position code.