How do I find a web player URL?

Hello, I’m trying to put my web player build on my website made with Google sites. There’s already a gadget for it but it asks for my web player URL. So how do I find this? I know I can just open the html file and it would have a file location on the URL box but I tried that but it didn’t work out.

This tells you the path to your unity3d file relative to the html file:

This tells you the URL of the html file referencing your unity3d file:

This is where you can find other info like this:

there is an easy non pro solution. You can use Dropbox to put it on the web, and then paste the public link on your web page. Its very easy to use, and its a placeholder for a more elaborate solution.

My solution to get the application URL, not including the .unity3D file. (I tried removing Application.srcValue from Application.absoluteURL, but gives weird result if there are special chars in it)

public static string Url()
    string result = Application.absoluteURL;

    //removing "/MyGame.unity3D" 
    for (int i = result.Length - 1; i >= 0; --i)
        if (result *== '/')*

return result.Remove(i);

return “”;