How do I find an object when I type this object's name into the inputfield (UI interface) in scene

Hi everyone, I am new to Unity!
I have a question about how to active the the -find objects function. I have many game objects that I created in the scene, and now I want to create this inputfield UI that can type my objects’ names to find the certain one . I did some research about solutions, and I saw some methods about adding tags of the objects and so on. However, I have no clue to actually execute it. Anyone can help me to direct my way? Thank you!

You can use GameObject.Find()

This is quite a slow function, so don’t run it every frame.

I would also say use GameObject.Find(). I have created a method, you can call this method in OnSubmit event of the Inputfield

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
Using UnityEngine.UI;

public InputField inputfield;

public void FindGameobject()
	GameObject gameobject = GameObject.Find(inputfield.text);
	if(gameobject != null)
		Debug.Log("Found a gameobject- " + (;
		Debug.Log("Didn't found any gameobject with that name");