How do I find/make good-looking textures?

Hello guys. I have just started using Unity and I have a couple of questions, who to you may seem simple and easily findable on the web, but for me have been causing quite a struggle.

The first and the most essential question is how to find/create textures that does not look to bad from both short and long distances. For this specific situation, I am trying to create a room with walls, ceiling and floor that is meant to look like the interior of a castle or a dungeon. To the walls I have applied a brick texture from CG-textures, which looks quite horrific when looking at it from a short distance. This only got worse when I tried to apply a normal-map.
Do you guys have any tips to make my textures look good? Should I solely create my own or are there any better sites for game-texturing?

I am using the free version of Unity by the way.


There’s a little trick I use to upload screenshots to DA and my own game that does work (if you do it correctly). Don’t worry, it’s really easy.

1, find whatever image you want to be your texture (keep in mind it’s size and location, trial and error is good for doing this)

2, screenshot it [PrintScrn___SysRq button]

3, go into Paint and hit Paste

4, crop it so that it’s just the image you want to use

5, save it in a file (make sure it’s easy to get to)

6, go into your game

7, Assets>Import New Asset

8, Open the folder you saved it in in a different file (NOT THE IMAGE)

9, Drag the image you saved into the file that was opened in your game

10, Import it

It should be into your game once you have done so (data consumption might make it take a while before applied though). All you have to do then is either attach it looking through all your textures or manually click/drag the image over to the “wall”.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Please don’t use this to steal anything. If it asks to be paid for, please do pay for it. I would advocate for this if say, for example, you don’t have a camera (like me)but want to use a simple brick wall or stone tile picture from the internet for a texture because you couldn’t take a picture of it yourself, or don’t know how to get into your camera via computer. This also tells how to put images into your game if you don’t know how to import outside images to apply to it.
ALWAYS ask for permission to use it if it’s an artowrk by someone else [as a DA person, I really hate it when people don’t ask before they use artowrks by someone else]. If you’re to lazy to do that, then PLEASE use Paint or Photoshop to make your own images to apply to your game

Well, stealing other people’s textures from other sources is one way which I don’t officially sanction. The real answer is to google for the images you want, when you find them, contact the originator of that image to ask if it’s ok for you to use it, pay for it if they want money you can afford. And/Or go out and take pictures of real things. And/Or get Allegorithmic and use that to make kick-ass textures. And/or learn to draw (I never got that far myself, I take pictues and use such tools). Also good: CrazyBump