How do I find other gameObject and disable it?

I’ve been searching everywhere and trying but I don’t know what’s getting me this error.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Battery.BatteryLife () (at Assets/Scripts/Battery.cs:45)
Battery.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Battery.cs:22)

my BatteryLife() is below:

public GameObject flash;

Start () {
    flash = GameObject.Find ("Flashlight");

Update () {
	BatteryLife ();

void BatteryLife () 
    if () {			
	} else { 			
		flash.SetActive (false); //line 45

Am I not calling correctly?

Thanks for help in advance.

Well the code you showed here is perfectly fine. The only issue it might be having is if there’s no GameObject called “Flashlight” (Case Sensitive), or if it’s a child of another GameObject. Personally I’d recommend using FindWithTag() over Find() just to be safe anyways. Unless the code is deleting that value somewhere else, the only issue is that it’s not finding a GameObject.

For more help, check out the scripting API for GameObject.Find() and GameObject.FindWithTag()


if () {


if (flash) {
//GameObject is found...
} else {
//GameObject is NOT found.

The null reference is saying it can NOT find the object you’re trying to control…