How do I find out what my serial number is?

how do I find out what my serial number is?

Log into your account > Buy > My Account > Licenses

Your serial key will be there for all licenses.

If you've lost the email that you were sent when you purchased unity, you'll need to contact

Solved. Log into your account online and click ‘view subscription’ and it provides the answer.

Was having a serious issue trying to do a manual activation of my software (Since my desktop is not currently connected to the internet)

When you first boot up Unity (4.6 at least), and choose “Manual Activation”, you’ll get an .alf file which you’re supposed to upload here. Make sure you have created a Unity account before continuing. After clicking “OK” you are presented with a page with the heading “Activate your Unity license”, and a space below in which to enter your serial number.
If you are only using the free version of the software, you do not have a serial number because you do not need one! There should be a checkbox labeled “Activate the free version of Unity”. click that! then click “OK” to go to the next page, where you will have to log in using your Unity account credentials.

Once you’ve done this, simply fill out the questionnaire (or scroll down and click “not now”), and on the next page, you should be able to download the .ulf file you need in order to activate Unity on your poor, internet-less computer!

Open Unity application - Menu → Unity → About Unity .

Hope this helps :wink: