How do I find the cause of a GPU bottleneck on Unity 6?

I’m trying to figure out why my game is running so bad, it’s running on the Quest Pro and averaging at about 45 FPS.
There is usually between 40-80 drawcalls and 300k-700k triangles per frame depending where the player is looking.
Using the Unity Profiler shows that the CPU spends most of its time waiting for the GPU to finish, and the Unity Profiler is unable to show GPU information since I’m using Vulkan.
I tried using the Meta RenderDoc Fork but it didn’t provide any useful information since it is unable to provide timing for each step.
I am using baked lighting with lightmap streaming and occlusion culling, and I attached all other relevant settings. I would use the GPU resident drawer if I could but it results in my entire scene flickering white.
I am on Unity 6000.0.7f1.

(Sharpen type is Qualcomm Super Resolution btw)

I’m assuming this is a Unity bug because I’m pretty much squeezing out every bit of performance I can from the Quest Pro.