How do I find Unity?


I've downloaded the free version of Unity but cant seem to find it anywhere. Does this mean my laptop dosen't support the software?

If you have installed Unity on Windows the default place is C:\Program Files\Unity

Did you actually run the installation? If not then the install file will be in your downloads folder as specified in your browser settings.

Click Control+J on practically any browser and click on the unity instal exe you downloaded.

on windows, go to C:\Program Files\Unity and then click on "Unity.exe" if you downloaded the setup file (which is what you download from the unity website), then find where you saved it, usually in your downloads folder or your browser saved files, and run that. If you can't seem to find the file, then go to the unity website again, and when you click to download unity, it will ask you to "run" or "save" the file (on windows). Click on the "run" button.

On Mac, unity can be found in your applications folder. Make sure you click on your desktop, and then click on the "Go" menu on the top of your mac's menu bar thing!!! then in the menu that drops down, click "Applications". If you installed it correctly, then you should find it in there.

Hope this helps!!!


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