How do i fix a Compiler error

Heyho Unity Community,
i got a problem…
I started Unity the first time and what happened?
Yeah the compiler couldnt execute and anything else (i dont understand).

I hope someone can help me.

I’ve seen reports that Antivirus software e.g. Norton can see mono.exe as a virus. In fact if you type mono.exe into google it comes up with a virus reference in first place for the auto-complete!

Check your AntiVirus to see if it’s blocked mono.

Having said that I use Norton and it seems fine.


of course mono might have a virus so maybe re-install Unity and mono from fresh, but - and I can’t be too clear on this, backup your project as much as humanly possible. It’ll seem like a pain making multiple backups but if there’s even a hint you might have a virus then spending 10 minutes backing up your project(s) will seem like time well spent if you stand to lose months of work.

Norton control panel > Advanced > History

Find mono.exe in history list.
Restore it and add it to ignore list.

Ok i installed a new version of mono.exe and i dont have these errors ,but now i have a new error that doesnt give any information

hope some1 can help me (and seems like my pc dont like unity…)