How do I Fix Build Errors in Unity 3D

I'm have an error that does not allow for the proper building of code in my game. To Explain, if I run the game in editor, the game works fine.

When I attempt to build and run the game however, several code behaviors seem to not work. For example, after dying 3 times, the player is asked if he'd like to continue. Instead of bringing up the GUI (which works in the editor) the game freezes.

I saw this error at the bottom of my console:

"Couldn't copy player scene into data folder... Assets/Scenes/sh_1.unity"

I also saw this warning:

**Assets/Standard Assets/Scripts/CombineChildren.cs(27,25): warning CS0436: The type `MeshCombineUtility' conflicts with the imported type `MeshCombineUtility'. Ignoring the imported type definition**

What do these error mean, and how do I fix them? I saw a similar post here:

But I'm not using a Unity.Engine call. (at least not that I'm aware of.) Any thoughts? Thanks.

Warnings don't prevent compilation or playing - so that's really just warnings.

Usually, the errors are pretty descriptive and if you read them carefully, they will give you pretty good hints at what the solution is.

In this specific case:

Couldn't copy player scene into data folder... Assets/Scenes/sh_1.unity

it looks like most likely, there's some sort of permission problem in your file system. Another possible explanation are file locks (someone still accessing a file you want to write to), or disk full (ooops, that would not be nice ;-) ).

The problem with the game freezing could be caused by some infinite loop or recursion. When a game freezes (or the editor freezes), that is the problem in almost all cases. Rarely, however, it could also be a problem with Unity itself (it sometimes does crash in unpleasant ways ... but as said: a scripting problem is much more likely).

Infinite loops / recursions are kind of hard to debug. Well, with the debugger we now have it's much easier but you still need to find the right entry point that will show you were it loops indefinitely.