How do I fix default inspector GUI?

I am working on a project that has custom editors as well. And my inspector window has changed from the default to this…


… I am wondering how to fix it so it looks like it normally should with drop down for tags, layers and “static” check box etc. It only does it for this one project. When I open my other projects it displays fine.

A custom inspector is always just for a certain type. It’s (unfortunately) not possible to create a custom inspector for multiple types. It seems you implemented a custom inspector for “GameObject” which doesn’t make much sense since you can’t extend the GameObject type. The GameObject type has already a builtin custom inspector which you’ve overridden.

don’t implement a custom inspector for GameObject, unless you really want every GameObject to look like this.

You usually implement a custom inspector for your own components (MonoBehaviours).

Still is there any possibility to retain the original inspector gui for any component and even a GameObject, and to add a custom button to it?
Transform and GameObject base.OnInspectorGUI() gives odd results.