how do i fix my car violently shaking?

my car that uses wheel colliders is shaking and i dont know how to fix it. I am willing to change anything about the car to get it fixed except for the mass and friction of the wheels.

here is a video showcasing the problem: mobile car game2 - Game - Android - Unity 2019.3.7f1 Personal_ _DX11_ 2020-04-06 15-40-53

here are my wheel collider properties if that helps

the mass of the vehicle is 1000

try what he does at 8:02

You should try increasing the spring and damper The rest is a little weird try changing suspension distance or force from the app point distance

i did and its still shaking

Try copying this and slowly

Lower your center of mass.


 float reduceCenterMassY = -1;
 _rigidbody.centerOfMass = new Vector3(_rigidbody.centerOfMass.x, reduceCenterMassY , _rigidbody.centerOfMass.z);

Add a game object to your script so you can visualize where exactly on your vehicle the world center of mass is. Lowering your local center of mass effectively lowers your world center of mass.