How do I fix sticking to walls while still allowing friction on the ground?

I know the common response for the sticking-to-walls problem is to add the slippery physics material to my walls. The problem, though, it that I am making a tile-based side-scroller where you can push around boxes. If I make the land tiles slippery, then the boxes slide forever when nudged. I’m hesitant to use multiple colliders per tile, since I’m already having issues with things getting stuck between the tiles (I’ve minimize the problem by shaving the corners off the colliders, but it still is not the smoothest, so any help with that as well would be appreciated.). Having multiple colliders per tile would probably worsen the collision glitches. Is there any way to have it both ways and not end up with glitchy tile collisions?



Create manual coliders for best control of they material.
This example is with 2 colliders “Blue” with 0.3 friction, and orange collider with full friction.
Total 3 colliders.