How do I fix the cs0234 error for probuilder api

Hi I wanted to test out the probuilder API for my current project and I’ve ran into a problem I just can’t figure out how to fix.

I have installed Probuilder through the packet manager in the unity editor and as I wanted to add the library to my script using the “using UnityEngine.ProBuilder;” command I got the error that Probuilder isn’t available in the UnityEngine namespace.

The error: The type or namespace name “ProBuilder” is not present in the namespace “UnityEngine”. (Possibly an assembly reference is missing.) [Assembly-CSharp].

Thanks in advance.

I get the same error. ProBuilder seems to have installed correctly as I can see the ProBuilder window in the editor, but the scripting API can’t be found. I remember seeing somewhere that we don’t need to manually create an asmdef with the recent versions of ProBuilder and the scripting API should be automatically integrated in UnityEngine? I’m using ProBuilder 5.0.4 in Unity 2019.4.37f1.

Ok, deleting the .sln file and reopening Visual Studio fixed the problem.