How Do I Fix URP Rendering Mobile?

So I recently added the Universal Render Pipeline to the mobile game I am making, and after building the project to see how the performance was, this happened.


Every few milliseconds the renderer duplicates everything currently on screen (except for the UI which is on the Canvas) and adds another render on top of it. How do I fix this? This is completely different from what shows up in the editor. Maybe its caused by the scene having no real camera except for the Main Camera’s solid color attribute?

Here are the Pipeline Settings
[Img 1][2]
[Img 2][3]
[Img 3][4]
[Img 4][5]

Here are the Camera Settings
[Img 1][6]
[Img 2][7]

Facing the same issue right now and I cant find any fix for this.
For me this happens only on random user’s devices and not on any device I can test on.
Android version seems to be random aswell.