How do I Force Application to Quit if no internet connection available

Can anyone help, i have searched but can’t find a solution with Unity.

Android Only Build.

How do I Force my game to Quit if no internet connection available even though its not a server based game. IOS has UI Requires Persistent WiFi , but can’t find android equivalent.

In the Player Settings i tried setting “Internet Access set to Require” , but the game still starts and plays with no internet available.

Do i have to do something in the AndroidManifest.xml in my Plugins/Android folder.

Somewhere here maybe :

i also been searching wide and broad for a solutiong with no luck finding an answer.,I also been searching the net with no luck finding it

I use Google to test that there’s an internet connection, since it’s basically always up.

Fire off a UnityWebRequest to

If the request has a HTTP error, the internet likely isn’t active, and you can call Application.Quit()