How do I freeze a gameObject when MouseDrag runs over a certain Vector3?

Hey guys, I’m brand new at Unity so please bare with me if this seems like a simple question. I’ve added the DragRigidBody script to my GameObjectA and would like to freeze that GameObjectA at a specific x,y,z coordinate when the user drags the object over those coordinates. Basically I’m trying to create a snap to point on a different GameObjectB that the user can drag GameObjectA towards and click to.

So these are the rough steps

//Check distance between both objects
float distance = (objA.transform.position - objB.transform.position).magnitude;

//If distance is less than X
if(distance < 1)
    //snap first object to the other objects position
    objA.transform.position = objB.transform.position;

Adapt the code to your own needs.