How do I generate - IN CODE - a ParticleSystem for static particles?

I am generating a set of Vector3’s in order to make a lattice according to size (volume) and stepping size (in this case 1f = 1 Unity ‘meter’). So for a Volume of 4 with a step size of 1f I get a uniform lattice of points with 64 ‘nodes’. However, these points exist merely as Vector3 data of course, and now I come to the issue of visual representation. Rather than generating an array of ‘billboards’ / 2D sprites manually, I would like to take advantage of Unity’s ParticleSystem for a number of reasons. All of this will be generated in-code, I like to avoid using the Unity editor directly whenever possible.

I am having terrible issues controlling the particles, and I am finding the codebase for the particle systems confusing, due to the ‘Legacy’ components and not knowing what works best with what, and in what order (even after thoroughly combing the documentation, reading similar answers, and following the much coveted ‘graphs’ tutorial). Any help on how I might implement this? Is it just better to use the ‘Legacy’ components or is there a way to bend the ParticleSystem to my will within c# code?

Help would be appreciated!

instance an array of ParticleSystem.Particles[numofParticles] then use GetParticles to fill the array. iterate through and set your ParticleSystem.Particles.position to whatever vector you need and then use SetParticles to set them.