How do i generate spherical terrain with tiles

I need help with my new game concept, what I want to create is a terraria-like game but situated in space. My idea is to procedurally generate 2D planets made out of tiles. Not just a sphere with different layers of grass dirt and stone. It could have mountainous terrain or flat terrain. Is this possible in Unity 2D? If you have any ideas that could help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

An example of what I want to create (without any special terrain and on a REALLY small scale):

It is possible. Try watching a tutorial or finding useful sources on procedural generation like this or this. The first one isn’t exactly what you are doing however you should be able to alter what they are doing in order to make it work for your purposes although it would probably be very difficult (not trying to discourage you) but surely possible.

I’ve never procedurally generated anything in Unity but here’s an idea: since you seem to have many layers of the planet, try procedurally generating one layer first. After that, make your code able to generate the next layer over it. Do that for every layer that you want.

If I were going about it, this is what I would do to generate each layer: create code to generate a height map (or download code from someone else) for each layer. Then create code to convert height map into a spherical form. Essentially, I’d need to place a pixel (or whatever you call it) the distance, specified by the height map, away from the center of the planet.

I hope this helped. Good luck! :slight_smile: