How do I get a deleted asset back?

I accidentally deleting an asset from the project folder. Is there any way to get it back?

The original post has been deleted by the poster. The above text is an attempt to extract a question reflecting the underlying issue that the poster spoke of, and thus make this post contain more relevant information.

Whilst the question is argumentative, you have to understand their frustration.

I assume we are talking about actual project assets and not gameObjects, since you can undo deleting them? In which case I agree its far too easy to accidentally project assets and not always clear what you are deleting.

However, I think assets end up in the recycle/waste bin, so can be rescued. At least when I checked on this a few days ago it appeared Unity moved scripts there, so might be worth checking?

It doesn't help that you have to use the delete key to delete project assets (it should also be in the right click menu for the project panel), making accidental deletion even more likely. Of course it brings up a dialog box, but it doesn't actually tell you what asset it is about to deleted.

Although its always prudent to have a back up system, suggestion source control is hardly an answer for something that could be improved within Unity itself.


This is not a feedback site, and as the site's FAQ states it's not for argumentative questions. Please feel free to boycott UnityAnswers as well.

Try using source control. Checkin frequently, update frequently, and you can avoid this problem in the future. It also prevents data loss in the case of hard drive failure and force majeure.

In case you get to the end of this post and are still worried about your red gameobjects, pink materials, missing scripts, whatever…

  1. Stop what you are doing!
  2. Go to the recycle bin
  3. RMB > Restore the assets you deleted
  4. Open Unity window and your assets will be reimported
  5. All is right in the world
  6. Never make changes to your project folder in the explorer window

Hope that gives you a straight answer.

I had a similar situation.

I wanted to rename a Project View folder from "jwh" to "Jwh" (Change the first letter to uppercase) I wasn't able to do this in the Editor. I deleted the folder and recreated it with the uppercase letter in unity editor. I though I had the file open in my editor incase it got deleted but I didn't. Now I can't find it anywhere.

2017 and this was still a huge help. Thank you for this. @Noise crime