How do I get a GUI.Label Postition

How Do I Get a GUI.Label position? Do I have to assign it into a variable first? or how do I get the position?

Assign the position and size as part of a rectangle:

function OnGUI()
   var xPos : float = 50;
   var yPos : float = 100;
   var width : float = 70;
   var height : float = 20;
   var labelRect : Rect = new Rect(xPos, yPox, width, height);

   GUI.Label(labelRect, "Tada! I'm a label");

You can set the values within the “new Rect(…)” itself, but I just made some variables so you can understand what is what…

so basically we have to assign our position and then re-access it. Is there no other way to access it? in example, can we set the GUI.Label into a variable then access the component?