How do i get a specified frame from an animator component ?

I have a NPC that uses an animator controller to determine which clips it should run.I want to be able to determine exactly when the NPC lays down it’s hand on the player meaning applying the takeDamage exactly at the moment when the npc hits the player.

To explain more : i downloaded animations to use them,they were legacy type. i couldn’t use them unless i turn them into humanoid type. By doing so the animations became not editable, can’t use events can’t even see the clip in the animation window.In the other side if i leave them as legacy i can edit curves and events by duplicating the clip i want to edit, but the problem is i can’t use that anim in the animator controller it says that the clip is not retargettable…I don’t know what to do in order to be able to use anims that have events in the animator controller?
Thanks a lot everyone.