How do I get a sunny glare effect on my road?

I have little experience with shaders or textures and need help with this. Any info/tutorials would be very helpful.

you can do this by using lighting as well if it will not be costly for your scene.Else go for a very simple shader that will access the color texture and add some brightness on it.Adding brightness can be done by using Colors to make double or you can use vertex lighting for each vertex.

still need help with this if anyone can

Get the Strumpy Shader Editor from the asset store and mess around with the rim-lighting example for a start.

Unity has a built-in method for this

  1. Create a new material with your texture

  2. Find another texture map with small bumps

  3. Edit the material and select ‘Parralax specular’ from the dropdown menu, while using the first texture as ‘Base RGB’, and the bumpy texture map as ‘Normalmap’, and adjust the tiling as required

You can then adjust the ‘Shinyness’ slider to your required shinyness, and the base texture will appear rendered with realistic shine

i keep running into the problem of the normal map being way too bright and over powering the diffuse…basically looks like a metal road…

Got the effect I was looking for. Went with a Bumped Specular shader. Added a normal map that is packed with tiny bumps. Edited the normal maps bumpiness through the materials inspector until i got the look i wanted. Turned the shininess of the shader all the way to the left so it would spread out over the road. Then changed the Specular Color to a dark grey to decrease the “brightness” of the “glare” and this is what i came up with.