How do I get a Texture2D from a SpriteManager2 Sprite Atlas

I have a PackedSprite object created with SpriteManager2 with several animations. I would like to use a particular frame of one of these animations as the texture for another object related to this sprite. I could create a separate Texture2D from the source image, but since I already have that image as part of this sprite’s texture atlas, it seems like a waste to have to also keep a second copy of that image in memory for this texture.

I can access the sprite’s material and the uv coordinates of the texture in question with:

//Using {} because I can't type angle brackets in a question Material material = sprite.GetComponent{MeshRenderer}().material; Rect uvRect = sprite.GetAnim("animName").GetFrame(frameIndex).uvs;

But I can’t figure out how to get from here to a Texture2D. Can anybody help shed some light on this?


Bit of code below. I too have use ‘{}’ instead of angle brackets. The code takes the extracted texture and applies it to another game object. Note you have to make the sprite atlas readable in your import settings.

public class GetPackedSpriteTexture : MonoBehaviour {
	public GameObject go;

	void Start () {
		PackedSprite ps = GetComponent{PackedSprite}();
		Material material = ps.GetComponent{MeshRenderer}().material;
		Rect uvRect = ps.GetAnim("one").GetFrame(1).uvs;
		Texture2D tex2D = (Texture2D)material.mainTexture;

		int iWidth = (int)(uvRect.width * tex2D.width);
		int iHeight = (int)(uvRect.height * tex2D.height);
		int iX = (int)(uvRect.x * tex2D.width);
		int iY = (int)(uvRect.y * tex2D.height);
		Texture2D tex2DNew = new Texture2D(iWidth, iHeight);
		Color[] arcolors = tex2D.GetPixels (iX,iY , iWidth, iHeight);
		tex2DNew.SetPixels (arcolors);
		tex2DNew.Apply ();
		go.renderer.material.mainTexture = tex2DNew;