How do I get an 32-bit installer for x64 windows 8?


When installing unity 5.3.4, Unity automatic installs for x64 in my win8. However, the x64-version crashes directly on start (the editor).

Therefore I tried the x86-version (by downloading from the archive), which worked without issues. However, the x86 version from the archive is missing the automatic import of standard assets and the build & run options beyond web player. How can I get a Unity automatic installer for x86 when I have a x64 win 8? It will by default try to install x64-version which clearly fails really bad…

/Cheers, Linus

As far is i know is the unity installation wizard asks weather you want the 64 bit or 32 bit unity editor.
As the installer says is the 64 bit allows console development when 32 bit dose not.67221-screenshot-1.png

It should also work in windows 8. It works for me in windows 10.