How Do I Get And Set References For Timeline?

I’ve been scanning through the docs like a mad man, but I can’t figure out how to get and set references to game objects in Timeline tracks.

I want to work on some scripts that will dynamically insert references to game objects into Timeline, but I can’t find what the method calls are.

I’ve found some functions like:


But I still can’t seem to grab existing references and figure out how to set new ones. I don’t really understand the difference between graphs, playables, outputs, and whatnot. Does anyone have experience with getting and setting these references in script?

Use director.SetGenericBinding(Track, Object);. The tracks can be obtained from TimelineAsset.GetOutputTracks().

The Object will depend on the type of the track, so either GameObject for an ActivationTrack, Animator for an AnimationTrack, or CinemachineBrain for a CinemachineTrack.