How do I get 'Behave' (from work with Unity 2.6?

Dear Unity Guru...

I followed the instructions from the website. I am unfamiliar with Mono, but I downloaded and installed the "mono-2.6.1-gtksharp-2.12.9-win32-1.exe" file from their site. ( perhaps thats the wrong version?)

When I install the package into a new Unity project (or even when I open the included Demo Project from AngryAnt), I get this error in the console...

Assets/Editor/BehaveMenu.cs(85,31): error CS0117: `UnityEditor.EditorUtility' does not contain a definition for `FocusProjectView'

this is the line of code indicated... likne 85


Can anyone help me? Emil ... are you out there?


Grateful Noob ;)

Crazy suggestion: try commenting out that line. It won't bite. :-) Alternatively, you could look into the EditorUtility documentation - as you can see there's no longer a FocusProjectView but a FocusProjectWindow.

I’m having problems to make behave works on Unity. I’ve installed the package correctly (just like in the videotutorial) but when i try to create my first tree the program launches many IndexOutOfRangeException and i have to shut it down.

What could be the problem? Im using Unity 3.3 and Behave 1.3. Looks like this version of behave is made for Unity 3.2 and maybe im having issues for that reason.

Any help? Thanks.

Im a newbie only know the program for about a week.

I have constructed a scene and i want to add some moving people.

I came across angryant, wanted to install and got the same error message as stated above.

I don't know anything about the i even don't undertsand the crazy suggestion.

(o.s. windows vista)

please give us some more info on how to get it to work

Thanks for your help and quick reply, this worked....

one more problem

I get this: alt text

and i need this: alt text

please explane it to my in sesemestreet language...