How do I get better Perlin Noise?

I recently had the idea to generate an infinite world for learning purposes. So I figured out how to create Perlin Noise textures. Currently my results look like the left picture. However, I read on the internet that a texture like the one on the right is needed in order to create believable worlds. To achieve a texture like the one on the right, I somehow have to stack different layers and sizes of noise textures on top of each other. But how exactly can I achive the right effect? And what is meant with add/stack different noise textures together? How do I do it?alt text

You basically can tune your complex (stacked) perlin noise wirh parameters like frequency, persistance, lacunarity and octaves.
The idea behind it is that you start with a base textrue like you have on the left side.
Then you generate n more textures (octaves). For example: when you set your octaves to 3, you are generating 3 textures.
Stacking them means simply adding the values pixel by pixel.
But the trick is, that for each octave you increase the frequency and lower the amplitude.
Then you get the effect on the right side texure.

Frequency means simply zoomin in or out of your base texture.

The lacunarity is a multiplier that each octave’s frequency gets multiplied with.

Persistance is a multiplier for each octave’s amplitude.

This glossary really helps unerstanding :


two tutorials on Perlin Noise and how use it :

Good luck (sorry for any English mistakes)