How do I get facebook connectivity in my app when my app is NOT on a facebook canvas?

Once upon a time it used to called Facebook connect, then they split it up into registration and login plugins (so it was harder to use?). But then they forgot to document anywhere how the developer could actually retrieve a logged in user’s data into a non canvas app.

How do I get Unity (or any app) to talk to facebook from a standard website (not on the facebook canvas)

I searched the whole web (twice) and can’t find anything which looks remotely easy to use.


The canvas is just an iframe to some web space you control. Whatever method (Javascript, php, etc.) you are using to connect via the canvas will work on any other web page.

The methods we use to connect our Unity app to Facebook are roughly, have Unity make an external call to the page saying that the app is running and ready to receive Facebook data, use Javascript to get a Session Key from Facebook, use Javascript on the page to send that Session Key to the app, then the app talks to a php page on the server passing the Session Key to get data from Facebook.