How do I get high smooth FPS in Unity??(Improve Fillrate)

Right now my game can only get 30fps in unity and no more than 10-15fps on on ios device(iPad 3 and iPhone 4s). I’ve tried everything: occlusion culling, static/dynamic batching, LOD, mitmaps, target framerate… ect. I have low draw calls, tris/verts, and low ram usage. I can’t think of anything else?! I have to be missing something because I’ve seen expensive looking games made with unity getting 60fps?? Like dead trigger that uses dynamic lighting and reflective shaders?? How can I not even be getting half of there framrate… I’ve looked at many tutorials and unity docs about optimization and followed them very carefully but I’m still not getting anywhere close to decent results.

Any help/answers?

Thanks in advance!


Even on older single core machines I have had 0 issues with framerate drop due to most of these factors. Usually it’s too many Physics calls, and of course, anything that prints or debugs.