How do I get into my StreamingAssets folder from the various platforms?

I made a ‘StreamingAssets’ folder inside of my ‘Assets’ folder and put some things in it which I need at runtime. But I can’t quite figure out how to get to it. Whats the proper path and code to use for each platform. Namely, iOS, OSX, Windows and web builds.

While this is an old question, I feel the need to add this for posterity… Newer versions of Unity have a built in reference to the streaming asset path…


will return the full path to the streaming assets folder regardless of platform.

Most everything is the same, except on the mobile platforms…

Default = Application.dataPath + “/StreamingAssets”

iOS = Application.dataPath + “/Raw”

Android* = “jar:file://” + Application.dataPath + “!/assets/”

*Android packages are delivered as jar (aka zip) files and are never unzipped (as per the Android platform). This means that on Android the Application.dataPath just points to the jar file itself. This also means you must use something that can access zip files to get at your assets. Unity’s WWW class will do this and the base path specified above will work properly with it; just append your file path/name to it.

string GetStreamingAssetsPath()
string path;
path = “file:” + Application.dataPath + “/StreamingAssets”;
path = “jar:file://”+ Application.dataPath + “!/assets/”;
path = “file:” + Application.dataPath + “/Raw”;
//Desktop (Mac OS or Windows)
path = “file:”+ Application.dataPath + “/StreamingAssets”;

	return path;

I wonder why Unity didn’t make the Application.dataPath return the correct prefix in the first place.

is it possible to download files to the StreamingAssetsPath?

but you can not retrieve your data directly from your asset folder !! i read in many post but iam surprised why nobody make simple example with www class to load data from apk?
most of respondents do not have any experience about making simple example and only like us read unity Streamingassets part then please please make a simple app which only read hello world from streaming assets folder in android (apk) we do not need hint like this at least not any more ,just example please