How do I get MouseLook script to not move my collider?

I am using the MouseLook.cs to control my character looking around but it also moves the collider I have attached to the camera. I would like to have the camera rotate around indipendantly of the collider. I am using the FPSwalker script to control movement and I don’t want to use the built-in character controller becuase I need to have a mesh collider not a capsole collider.

Never Mind. It is in the comments of the MouseLook script.

here are the comments

/// MouseLook rotates the transform based on the mouse delta.
/// Minimum and Maximum values can be used to constrain the possible rotation

/// To make an FPS style character:
/// - Create a capsule.
/// - Add the MouseLook script to the capsule.
/// → Set the mouse look to use LookX. (You want to only turn character but not tilt it)
/// - Add FPSInputController script to the capsule
/// → A CharacterMotor and a CharacterController component will be automatically added.

/// - Create a camera. Make the camera a child of the capsule. Reset it’s transform.
/// - Add a MouseLook script to the camera.
/// → Set the mouse look to use LookY. (You want the camera to tilt up and down like a head. The character already turns.)