How do I get options to appear in the Import Package drop-down menu?

I’m an absolute beginner and currently working through a basic FPS tutorial. The Tutor is using a First Person character controller, and the way they demonstrate how to access it is to right-click the assets tab in the Project Panel, go to Import Package and select Characters.
He states that if it does not appear there, then to download the Standard Assets pack from the Unity Store. I did this; downloaded it; and here is where I am stuck.

If I select import from the store, then it will import everything from that pack into my current project, which I obviously do not want. However, the way it functions for the Tutor is not how it functions for me. I tried starting a new project to see if there were new options in the Import Package drop-down menu, but there is nothing but Custom Package. If I add the Standard Asset pack at the creation of a new project, again it loads ALL assets into my project. As I am a beginner, I don’t know what the right question is to ask, and as such have found a solution difficult to find. Any help would be outstanding.

Hey. Have no worries, we’ve all been there (following a Tutorial that looks different than your editor).

First of all you need to know Unity keeps improving at a really rapid pace and things get changed all the time. One suggestion I have for dealing with this is picking the most recent tutorials you can find, as opposed to really old and outdated ones.

As for your problem, it seems that you have a newer version of Unity and the Tutorial uses an older one where default Standard packages were still a thing. Nowadays you can find them on the Asset Store.

Also, just so you figure things out faster in the future, just google your problem. 99.9% of the time other people had it too and you’ll find answers here (
Few things I found by googling “missing Unity import package”
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Unity 5 – Importing the Missing Standard Assets

Good luck! (you can also click accept on the answer if you think it helped you)