How do i get permission to post new topics in the forum?

Hi on Unity Forums I am unable to post forums I get a result of

"You do not have permission to " blah blah blah ...

What permissions do I need ?!

Thank You

I can’t post because of the message “Topics are required for…” Any suggestions?

The announcements forum should be the only forum with this kind of restriction to it. This is by design. If this issue is with another forum, please contact to resolve the issue.

Unless the Questions forum is the same as the Announcements forum. you’re (AngryAnt) mistaken about the restrictions part of of your comment/answer. I’ve tried for sometime to post several questions, but when i get to the 'Topics Are Required part of the form, it never accepts the topic that I’ve picked. Please don’t tell me this Topics field is based on Karma Points as well.