how do i get Physics.CheckCapsule's collider list.

I think collider list of CheckSphere is gained by Physics.OverlaySphere.

But I don’t know how do I get collider list of CheckCapsule.

Answer please!

It doesn’t produce an array? It just returns true if it hits anything in the layermask.

You need

I assume you have a capsule and you want a array of all the colliders touching or inside the capsule. Sadly there is no method for that as far as i know and CapsuleCastAll can be very expensive.

But you can place a script on the collider you are using and use Collider.OnCollisionEnter to get a Collision which contains a lot more information. By also using OnCollisionExit you could easily keep your own list of colliders that have entered or touched the capsule.

A lot of assumptions, but hope it helps :slight_smile: