How do I get rid of the numbers after the decimal?

I have this piece of code that does a countdown and it works fine, but it shows the numbers
5 places after the decimal does anyone know how I can get rid of this? I wouldnt even mind it just showing the numbers 2 places after the decimal. More preferably I would like the numbers after the decimal gone though. here is my code:

var timeLv1 : GUIText;
 var timer : float = 30.000000000;
 var outOfTime : boolean = false;
function level1 () {
    timer -= Time.deltaTime;
    timeLv1.text= "time: " + timer;
    if(timer <= 0){
    timer = 0;
    outOfTime = true; 

function Update () {

if(Application.loadedLevelName == "gameLvl1"){



timeLv1.text= "time: " + timer.ToString(“f0”);

Maybe there is a builtin function for this, but it would probably do exactly as this one: