How do i get screenshots for apple submission?

Apple requires one screenshot of each size in order for it to be submitted, and these must be retina display so my screen is not bog enough to capture them. I do not have 5 different ios devices available to me. Is there a way i can aquire these screenshots some other way?

Thank you in advance!

I made a low-cost Unity plugin for this. It’s very comprehensive: you can add whatever sizes you need, it has a callback so that you can adjust positions of elements on screen if you need, it uses render to texture if you have it available (Unity 5 or newer or Unity Pro), or otherwise it uses bilinear scaling. Super easy to use!

You could always try faking it. Application.CaptureScreenshot() gives the option to increase the effective resolution by set amounts, so if you set the Unity window to a specific fraction of that, then take a screenshot from there, you’ll have a high-resolution screenshot.

Alternatively, I would imagine you can force the game to run at a greater resolution than your monitor can display and get a screenshot anyway, but I’m afraid I don’t know the ins and outs of Apple.

Edit: This general question has also come up here, among other places, so there are always more solutions than what I offered.

I have created a full solution for this problem: Multi Screenshots Suite

Main Features:

  • 1-click to take all screenshots (all resolutions & languages).
  • 1-click to insert them into the corresponding device (iPhone, iPad,…) with custom background, title, subtitle,…

Full features and video here: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

I hope you find it useful!