How do I get something that goes off camera to appear on the opposite side ?

First post here, I’ve found plenty of help on the site otherwise but I can’t seem to find an answer for my question. Basically, I just want my background to slide off camera but appear on the other side. Just vertically scrolling. I have the background sliding up now but I can’t figure out where to go from here…(I’m pretty novice coding wise btw). Any help would be great.

I can only think of something else I read which was make a cylinder and make it turn with a texture on it. I can post my code if need be but it’s just the basic Time.deltaTime code with a variable.

This is often done by Material.SetTextureOffset(), which rotates the texture, not the whole game object. There is example code in the reference. Plus if you Google “Unity SetTextureOffset” you will find other examples.

I found your rotating cylinder idea creative and potentially workable…especially unlit and especially for an Orthographic camera.