How do I get SpeedTree models to work properly?

I have just purchased a SpeedTree model from the SpeedTree store and imported it into Unity Pro 5 (most recent version). However, the billboards aren’t showing and transparency only works on some models and not others. The built-in sample SpeedTree works fine (the one you can see in the background). Has anyone run into this problem? Or, is it a bug with Unity?

This would be a big problem for me as the SpeedTree integration was one of the main reasons I went with Unity.

Hi there,

If you downloaded the trees from our store (not from the Unity Asset Store), you need to place the folder with the tree into your project’s Asset folder outside of Unity. You could just unzip the file you downloaded from our store directly to your Unity project’s Asset folder. Using the import option within Unity will not import SpeedTrees correctly. Take a look at the following documentation for further details: importing_models_into_unity [SpeedTree Documentation]